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About the deck

The Hidden Waters Tarot is a tarot deck that delves into the subconscious. Created by illustrator Ana Tourian, it is a system based on the famous Rorschach Inkblot Test. The Hidden Waters Tarot works on the premise that  the individual subconscious can be projected onto the abstract images, unbinding latent abilities of perception.


Vibrant colors of reds, violets, blues and gold are used throughout the imagery in order to induce certain emotional aspects by sympathetic associations. There are no visually accurate or inaccurate interpretations to the images. There is no wrong or right way of interpreting them, except using our own personal connection to the extrasensory perception. The paintings were created by using ink and paint, creating vibrant colors that were then mirrored.
Gestures and lines were incorporated to vary the visual patterns and create distinctive
non repetitive images.


The name associations that are given to the cards are based on the traditional Rider Waite Tarot. Inducing a direct mental correlation to the specific representations of each card, while
at the same time not imposing traditional visual elements but rather leaving the subconscious open and flexible to new insights.

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