Clair de Lune Lenormand

Frequent Questions


Can I take the images online and create my own deck?

No you may not. That is illegal and you can be liable for copyright infringement.

Is there a copyright disclaimer on the cards?

No, there is not. The actual deck will not have the disclamer on all the cards. Only the title card will have a copyright mark. The images on the website hold the mark to protect myself from individuals who bootleg decks and resell them.

Why are all the cards not shown? I can't see a number of them.

The deck is finished and has all the cards. I'm no longer showing all the cards online due to the fact that some people have decided to steal my images and have printed their own decks. Therefore I have decided this is the safest course to proceed in order to protect the integrity of my work.

Do they still come in a tin box?

No they do not. The second edition comes in a small tuck box

Are they borderless cards?

Yes. The cards don't have any borders.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. However standard international shipping does not come with tracking. 

For international customers, if you'd like tracking you have to select the Global Express option at checkout.


How small are the cards?

The cards are 2.25" x 3.5" 


Is there a book that comes with the deck?

There are additional cards with keywords, that gives basic information about the deck and meaning of cards. However there is no other book that accompanies the deck.